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Aces and Iron is our world, but with a twist: Magic is real. However, magic on it’s own doesn’t do much. Legends tell that once magic was abundant and could do amazing things. Now it is rare that a person with the gift can bend a spoon. It is also rare. Less than 1 in 1000 women has the potential for magic and less than 1 in 100,000 men. So for hundreds of years magic has mostly been a side note.

All of that changed in the 19th century when a genius inventor created the ‘Magic Drive’ with the help of his young gifted daughter and his wife a former priestess. He amazed the world by using the Magic Drive to syphon power from his daughter and let her fly through the world’s faire building in france. Dozens of other inventors would go on to create similar devices and create entire ranges of devices which use them. Flying gear, ‘boat’ (water travel) gear, and ‘robot’ gear soon gave new power to those gifted who could harness their abilities.

As in all things this new technology came to the attention of those in power and they saw this as a new opportunity. These new creations soon became new weapons of war. A gifted girl with a Magic Engine powered robot gear could crush the best armored cars of this new era. A gifted girl with Magic Engine powered boat gear could race circles around the best ship of the line or iron clad. Soon conventional forces became secondary as a single gifted ace could wreck entire armies of conventional forces.

You are now thrust into this new world! But which role will you take?

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